Mrz 282013

…and of course it IS, but my first thought when Forge World announced their latest releases today was: boy, those shields are really what I wanted for the Warrior-Acolytes I plan for my Inquisitors. I already have a lot of bitz for those, but so far I couldn’t decide what Storm Shields to use – but with these pieces, the choice is easy, I think. They are more elegant than the standard Space Marines Storm Shield, less overcrowded than Scibor’s stand-ins… yeah, they are pretty perfect… even better than the Boarding Assault upgrade set which had been my favourite for this project so far… though I have to admit I would have preferred these parts to have been an upgrade set too, instead of a complete kit… especially as my planned Warrior-Acolythes will already have bodies mainly built out of Chaos Knights and Space Wolves material…

of course this means I should start saving a lot more money now, for my Forge World Wish list grows longer and longer… the most important things at the moment (that is those needed for my next conversion projects) are:

Thats 60 GBP just for my basic needs (and ignoring all those additional stuff I REALLY wouldn’t mind…)… but a man can dream….