Mai 052013
Mantic's Basileans/Celestians: they'll come in summer + first photos

It’s been a while since I last wrote about that most anticipated possible new army of mine, being Mantic Games’ upcoming line for the Hegemony of Basilea! Financed by that insanely successful Kickstarter campaign Mantic did last year, they are still working to do all the pledges they did to the community (while starting a couple [...]

Mai 042013
Alien War: Now, about those UAMC...

…you remember my 50 Legs of Grey? Just wanted to say that I have not abandoned that project of building my own 4 Squads of United Americas Marine Corps Infantry (male)… it only takes much more time than I expected, due to – of course – all kind of “real life” matters… and, boy, they [...]

Apr 282013
First Tau!

I’m having a packed schedule today, but I can’t go without bragging a bit… With the publishing of the new Tau codex and models this month, I couldn’t but give our blue comrades a try. I treated myself to three kits – Firewarriors, the new Firewarrior Cadre and an X8 combat suit. Unfortunately, so far [...]

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Apr 272013
Seems there will be little hunting this year...

I never went to any of Games Workshop’s Games Days in all my hobby life. No, not because of the prices (50 € this year just as a basic entry fee? Don’t think THAT would work with me), or because I would have had to travel, such events just aren’t what I see as qualiy [...]

Apr 152013

Pretty good news from Tercio Creativo! It’s been quite a while since I participated in their Indiegogo campaign, but it seems they are finally done with their preparations. At least that’s the mail I got today: Hello, We have finally the rulebooks, maps, miniatures… EVERYTHING. So now we’ll see the list of backers and start [...]

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Apr 132013
Crow's Nest: ah, Grand Commander Katja!

When last time I was getting some not-so-nice comments on HiTECH Miniatures newest Sister of Battle stand-in, some decent chap was kind enough to point out that Prioress Theresa is, in fact, not the first, but the second warrior nun produced by that company. There already is a “Black Widow Grand Commander Katja“, which, to be [...]

Apr 022013
Crow's Nest: Not convinced by Prioress Theresa...

A rare thing on this blog: just today blogs like Tabletop Fix announced that little (polish? german?) company HiTECH Miniatures has released their first Adepta Sororitas stand-in, Prioress  Theresa: According to their own description: Multipart (5 pieces) 28mm scale miniature represents “Theresa” – Egzekuthor armor, female SF warrior This is high quality , resin miniature which [...]

Mrz 292013
Official Carnevale buildings from PlastCraft

Recently Vesper-on Miniatures (the makers of the Carnevale Skirmish game) put up some photos on Facebook showing of the first prototypes of official scenery pieces that fellow spanisch company PlastCraft Games is going to produce for this game.  They are surely worth taking a look, even though these seem to be very much “work-in-progress” shots. I won’t [...]

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Mrz 282013
They say it's a Siege Squad...

…and of course it IS, but my first thought when Forge World announced their latest releases today was: boy, those shields are really what I wanted for the Warrior-Acolytes I plan for my Inquisitors. I already have a lot of bitz for those, but so far I couldn’t decide what Storm Shields to use – [...]

Mrz 252013
Crow's Nest: Earth Force Valkyries - alternative Crusaders for Sisters of Battle

Just a quick one today… people like me who are keen on playing Sisters of Battle always have to look out for alternative miniatures to support their needs and give their army some badly needed variety… so I was pretty pleased to find these three ladies, released by Rebel Minis, a company normally known for [...]

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Mrz 242013
Mantic's Basileans/Celestians: News on the Sisterhood, Paladins and Men-at-Arms

I am really spending too much time (far too much time) with “real life” matters these days, including endlessly tiresome visits to hospital, so I am seriously lagging behind with what is happening on the wargaming frontier… and don’t ask me about my hobby life at the moment… well, it sucks, but it has to [...]

Mrz 232013
Finally Relic is coming (and this time it's for real)

It has taken quite some time – the game was originally announced to be published in the latter half of 2012 - but finally Fantasy Flight Games has published Relic, the Taliman-Adaptation for the 40K universe. They also posted some nice introductory video, voiced by someone who does give his best to sound cool: And if [...]

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